LA Fit Expo ’23 – Day 1

I was invited by a friend to join. I was mostly against it at first, for a strange reason, but I figured it would be a nice place to pick up some free stuff, and even give some out to friends. One unfortunate thing about Fit Expo is this isn’t like Anime Expo or Comic Con so there aren’t people dressed up as a character, but there there are some interesting things to take photos of. There are also a lot of good products there to help promote better health and fitness, so I’m going to promote that.

First of all, Chipmonk Baking, Odyssey Snacks, Troomy, Legendary Foods, Jimmy and Keto Culture. All of which make different type of cookies, bars, snacks and other foods. A lot of drinks and powders from LaCroix, Aqua Hydrate, EHPLabs, Good Idea, Wicked Protein, PWR Lift, Muscle Egg, No Cow, Bucked Up, Horse Power Supplements, Yerbae, Eboost, and Allmax Nutrition.

And last some other products like Eat Cleaner, which allows some foods to hold in freshness longer. Wear Oya, workout clothing for women. The person talking me about their outfits told me about how most clothing for women are made by men, which is true, but this is made in a way that helps promote better health for women. And something I’ve been repeating other women have been screaming about for awhile what they also need more of in their clothing, POCKETS! Or at least bigger pockets. Plunge who makes a bath tub that can really cool you off in a healthy way. And when I stuck my hands in that water, it was really cold, but at the same time felt really nice. And last for today, BAX-U, who makes outfits that helps with your posture. I wore one of their vests and it actually felt kind of good while on, and I kind liked how I looked in the mirror.

Anyways, I tried out most of the food products while there and I thought they were all pretty good. The rest of the photos will be up soon this week, so if I missed you, don’t worry, it’s coming.

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