Before You Worry

I went to urgent care today because of a pain I’ve been having just under one of my dude boobs before the weekend. So if you saw me during Fit Expo, I was driving through the pain. It wasn’t getting any better since then so I figured something was wrong and went over to get checked out. How it happened is I was working on something at my place and was leaning on something hard, moved weird a way and felt like something popped or cracked.

Anyways, got an X-Ray, and wish I took a photo of mine, but I didn’t think of it at the time so oh well. From what the Dr told me she couldn’t see any kind of damage to any of my rib bones so we think it could be something I did to the muscle. I’m relieved there is nothing major wrong, but still in a lot of pain, and it’s hard to move around in some ways. I hope this gets better within a week because this suck so much.

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