LA No Pants Metro Ride ’16

Well, that was really good. As much as I have enjoyed in years past but this went really well. I was the ride captain for the Red Line starting off in North Hollywood. I give a little speech about whats is going on, where we are going and answered any questions given. Soon after we got on the train and headed over to Union Station. While on the line we met with the group coming from the Blue Line where both connect so it was nice to see them join on on the rest of the way.

After getting to Union we hung around for about a half hour and had a lot of people unsure of whats going on, but wanted photos of us anyways. After we started heading back down to the red line and then went to Hollywood and the train didn’t seem as crowded as expected. Ride went smoothly and when we got off on Highland we just headed over to Loaded from there. We had 3 Bands play for us while also there, without pants. It was wonderful to see acts such as ALIXCIA, Carnival of Futility, and Mick Greenwood play for us, without pants.

It was a wild day and something I look forward to everyone year

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