LA Pride ’15 Photos

Well, these got online quickly. Once again I joined in the parade with PFLAG. I think it mades sense because I like to consider myself as a friend of the LGBT community. Before the parade started there was a lot of overcast, and soon before we stepped off it started clearing up. Something I have done every year was goto the end of the parade route before it starts and skate to the beginning, but this year I didn’t think I had time to do so and decided not to do that.

We were one of the earlier groups to go on the route, and as I skated along it I found a lot of bright and colorful people, as I always do every year. Plenty of humor, and of course the protesters shouting out their cheap insults. I wonder if they recorded that again this year? Saw some people I knew from Moorpark, and soon after found my self at the end of the parade route. after I said my goodbyes to everyone, I went to the nearby pavilions to relax my feet some. I see the Magic Mike float going bay, got a couple of shots only to learn later on Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer were on that float, and I have photos.

After the entire thing ended, I went up and down Santa Monic Blvd to get more photos of anything else I saw interesting, and I did get a nice bunch of things. Then after 5 I started to head to Hollywood for Geek Pride at the Dragonfly. I thought that was a nice way to end the day, and got to see some of my friends there who sadly weren’t able to get to LA pride because of other things going on for them at the time.

I had such a good weekend.

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