LA Cosplay Con ’15 Photos

Well, this took a little while to load, and the fact I was at LA Pride yesterday, and then went to another event towards Hollywood, Geek Pride kept me out all day did cause a delay. I got back home last night so tired with my legs killing me, yet it felt so good with my weekend of insanity.

Any who, LA Cosplay Con, I went down taking the bus over and while I was talking to a couple of people, a girl also on the bus over heard me mention it and asked if I knew where I was going. Of course I do, and when we got off we just made a slightly longer walk then I had expected. I got to the hotel the event was being held at, changed into my Loki outfit. A friend of mine that was hosting a panel, and had a few others speaking on it invited me to come check it out on LGBT Cosplayers and how other people view them, and what it was like for each person when they came out as who they are.

I then went around the exhibit hall and an area just outside of the hotel but still a part of the property. Lots of nice costumes, and a few people I didn’t expect but all was good. It was a single day convention and strangely enough there was another event taking place over by the city of Industry also going by the name, Cosplay Con, likely trying to do that to attract people to that event which to me was much further away and I don’t care to head over for. Then after the con was over there was an after party taking place in the same place the exhibit was in. There was music, and dancing, and after a little while hanging out with some people I headed out. It was time for me to do so anyways, I had another party to join into the next morning.

Well, Long live cosplay

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