LA Pride ’19 Photos – Part 1

Well, that ended up being a really good day. Joined in the parade with PFLAG, but didn’t bring my blades this time. Didn’t think my feet or shoulders could take it. I need a new pair. A few people that remembered me from before asked why I didn’t have my blades, and let them know.

A coupe of things of note during the parade, there was a lady wearing a shirt saying “Free Mom Hugs” which I understands part of some movement for those in the LGBTQ community that aren’t as accepted by their families. Because I like a good hug I gave her one, and she gave me a rainbow scarf. I am never letting that go.

There was also another lady giving hugs and crying, because from what I understand she lost her kid because of what she once believed and wishes she could fix everything. I did try to comfort her, and let her know just to do what she can now. Do hope I helped at least some.

Anyways, the rest are coming in during the week, so hold on to your butts.

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