LA Santacon ’16 Photos

Ok, time to load everything up. Still a bit out of it but feeling better. But any who, to tell of my adventure. The day started in Santa Monica at Barney’s Beanery, on 3rd street. But before everyone started gathering I got there pretty early so i went to an apple store nearby and used their wifi. We all had our breakfast there and then went to the pier. Some of us went on a carousel there, and i’m pretty sure those not knowing what was going on get excited watching that. Next we went to Tongva Park, also nearby where we had reindeer games. Hungry hungry santas, twister, tree tossing, and had a wheel barrel of snow brought in for us to throw at each other. After that we went to the Westside Pavilion south of Westwood, and then a strip club, Fantasy Island where watching a santa and a stripper to a sexy dance off was one of the greatest things. Also got felt up some by a stripper, which is also, always awesome. Though, she seemed to have liked me but I doubt I’ll ever see her again, oh well.

The Last place we went to was Culver City and hung around some restraints. Well, we didn’t end up going to Downtown as as expected, but that’s ok, I enjoyed my day very much.

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