Love is Love Showing

Love Is Love: 5 Year Road To Marriage (Exhibit Grand Opening & One City One Pride Kickoff). Being held by a friend of mine showcasing photos which in his words, “Moving images of people who took to the streets for marriage equality and the moments they experienced. 22 large prints from Love Is Love’s vast documentation of LGBT activism in the greater Los Angeles area.”

I didn’t get that many at all, partly because I got there very late and spend much of the time there eating the food but at least I got something. Also something really fun that happened that night. I was talking to this one guy telling him that when ever I get myself in a parade I put only blades and ride around taking photos, and much of that time I’m skating backwards. So the guy says something to me along the lines of, “Wait, that was you? I remember seeing that during the pride parade late year, and found that to be amazing. How can you do that?” To be honest I have no idea, just skate backwards and hold a camera up.

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