LA Trump Protest ’16

I wonder how many of these are going to happen for the next four years? I think everything went well. There there are stories on riots happening, which is barely a thing. Most protests have in fact been peaceful, like the one I was at yesterday. Though it did bother some people in their cars trying to get some place, others watched and cheered us on. I enjoyed myself, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a rally, and of course I like to see some humor, which there was some of. That’s something I believe there should be some element of when it comes to a cause, humor, because it can help spread the word out.

Unfortunately with many critics of the rallies they claim the protesters are cry babies and should get over it. Interesting message to send consisting the reactions of some 8 years ago, and even more from 4 years ago. While through out that entire time of Obama’s presidency I’ve seen plenty of people talk about government over throw and how much they wish to commit mass murder. There was also an increase in the number of hate groups among other things. All of which happened starting off with baseless claims starting off being made 8 years ago of what Obama will do as president that never happened.

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