Solar Eclipse ’17 Photos

Well, That was a day with far more walking in the heat then I needed. But, all was good. I went to the Griffith to check it out, get there a bit later than I wanted but got some nice photos in. I told everyone I could if you are going there, do not drive, you will not find parking. While talking to one of the workers there she told me the lot was full at 5:30. There was also shuttle buses running from the Vermont/Sunset redline station, but the line was so long, and they kept getting stuck in traffic the only option I had was to hike. I made it there as the eclipse was just reaching it’s peak.

During that time walking up the hill, I was saying in a slightly crazed voice “the eclipse has started” and i got quite a few laughs out of that. As I got closer to the top, I started to say “the eclipse is near it’s peak” then started saying it’s at it’s peak. After I started to say it was ending, then while walking back down the hill, after it was all over I started to say “the eclipse has ended.” A friend there recorded much of that so I’m hoping the video will be online soon.

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