Lock Him Up

Yesterday trump was convicted on 34 charges for his hush money case, and this case entirely had to do with campaign violations. Meanwhile twitter is going insane with people saying things like, “he never did anything wrong!” Do you know what the trail was about? “He’s only guilty of saving america!” The same trump who let neo-nazis run around out of control? Let the economy crash, and led to so many people dying from covid, freezer trucks were used as morgues. Claiming we are in a dictatorship now, when trump has talked about wanting to be a dictator. Let’s add to the fact trump started a school just to defraud people. Talked about sexual assault being his right, encouraged violence, has said and done racist things, likely out of greed or selfishness. And then January 6th happened. There were people who died because of that attack, and we all watched cops getting beaten in the name of trump.

So much stuff. I’ve also found people talk about how they are donating to trump, because won’t someone help the poor, poor trust fund billionaire baby? Who has his own passenger jet with his name on it. I mean, come on, you are just paying his legal fees. There is of course cries of voter fraud still, when trump accused Ted Cruz of just that from the very start. Plus I always remember bogus claims of fraud both times Obama won his elections. Then when you compare trump to the Jesus figure. My god, do these people read their bibles? Do they know what he supposed did according to it?

Anyways, I spent the day going on the attack and took some screen shots from some people who lost their damn minds years ago. It’s funny because it’s almost if they have no memory of anything they said in the past about everything they want to do, or should be done, but do nothing personally. It’s almost as if they are trying to encourage the idiot followers to act in violence while they sit back and act like they did nothing wrong.

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