Magic Carpet Ride

I was out today with a friend, just to hang out and talk about stuff. Something I’ve been needing to help stabilize myself. This week has been hard on me because of how busy I’ve been and wanting nothing but to pass out, but got so little sleep. One night I just had 2 hours. I should sleep better tonight. But while on my adventure, I saw this, and was very happy.

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  1. Mohammad Mohsenzadeh says:

    Hi Dan, I’m glad that you liked my Magic Carpet that I’ve made. Although I try not to go any faster than 15mph due to safety reasons, this thing can actually dangerously go faster than 25mph with two people on it at the same time and travel a distance from Pierce College all the way to Balboa Park and back on a single charge. I’ve also installed colorful changing LED lights underneath it which are not turned on at the moment. The lady on this Magic Carpet is my girlfriend who helped me with making the carpet itself.

    Mohammad. M.

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