My Least Favorite Year

That awkward moment when you have to confess that you were at 3 new years events entering 2020. First one was in New York, as I was there for a UBA broadcast. I say this because I remember seeing Yanko there, and I just happen to be somewhere in the black void in the left side of the first image.

Then being the bad superhero that I am, I flew at super sonic speeds to the next celebration in New Orleans, where once again I see myself on yet other UBA broadcast with Daniel Henderson reporting. You can see me in back wearing the light pink jacket and light blue hat.

Then I went to WeHo, with no news people there at all. Only to learn nearly 2 years later there was footage from that used for the TV show, The Morning Show on Apple TV+. Kind of crazy how I entered that awful year partying hard, but also miserable on my way home and when I feel asleep, and then pandemic. I think I should have stayed in from that night till I got my second shot a lot more.

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