Wedding Bouquet, $125

That awkward moment when you come across some old video of yourself at this totally disastrous wedding and it turns out you are in an episode of the ABC show, Home Economics. You can see me in the back, long hair and purple shirt.

Much of this time on set was slightly disastrous. At first I was booked for 4 days, then they changed it to 3 for me. It was really hot, and the tent we were under didn’t help too much. There was one cooling vent and it was pointed at the camera some of the time because the equipment was over heating. They got more cooling units and giant fans so that helped, then I got messaged saying they need me again for one more day. So I ended up being there 4 days anyways.

Over all I’m glad I was there. Everyone was funny, and this episode was also really funny. And I got to work with Cheech Marin, who I’ve always kind of liked.

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