NerdBot Con ’16 – Photos

It was a one day convention, and the first one. It took place in the Pasadena Convention Center which I was there there for the first time during Politicon this year. I actually enjoyed myself. I took part of a Smash Bros. tournament, 2 Stock, 5 minutes.

In the first round I was up against this kid dressed as Mario who brought his own controller. My thought was I’m going to enjoy this match. He killed me first, then I killed him right after, but he got the win on me making the second kill. He beat two other people after me but lost to the guy that got second place. I later run in to that guy and told me that kid gave him quite a fight.

Pretty much after it was roam around, take photos, I think I got a nice bunch. After it was all over we had an after party at a nearby Dave and Busters, and nearby I mean just over 7 miles away. It was pretty dark there so getting photos was little to much a problem. Over all, it was a good con, more so since most of the time from what I understand on the first one they tend to be a bit disorganized, but they got it to work.

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