No Drugs Here

A happy childhood memory we should all have is going out on Halloween every year and getting candy. I remember doing that and would get as much as I can. Then eat as much as I can. As I got older I found myself caring less about the candy, but also remember hearing stories of people handing out drugs to kids, which as far as I know, doesn’t actually happen. Lately the talk has been about Rainbow Fentanyl, which is once again, highly unlikely.

But let’s say that does happen, such drugs are far more expensive then candy, handing that out will be a waste of money. And let’s say some kid tried whatever out, do they know where to go back to so they can get more? Will they have money to buy it? Nothing about such a thing makes any sense. It’s like some people are trying to get Halloween canceled. There has been efforts to convert it to something actually messed up, by people that have no entertainment value.

TL;DR… No one is handing out drugs to your kids!

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