No Pants Metro Ride ’17 – Photos

Well, that was wild. We did something new this time, all starting off at Union Station and going in waves. It takes an hour to reach Santa Monica from the starting point, and we hung out at Tongva Park. Then the after party at Del Frisco’s Grille and Ma’Kai Restaurant and Lounge. Two location there were rather close to each other. One area at Ma’Kai’s some people where dancing around doing some other wild stuff themselves. Later in the night a small group of us decide to head towards the beach since we were so close to it. A few people went into the water, which I believe was a bad idea since our water is always cold, and it’s winter here so, nope, not happening on my part. After hanging for a while there, I headed out.

I would say was a good no pants, but one thing i was bothered about was some people not being very discreet about it and bringing music to play while on the trains. Come on, follow the rules of the metro, and do bug the civilians. That’s what the after party is for.

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