Or Needed a Hug

Recently a friend shared a post on his facebook page showing album covers of pop artists during the late ’90’s to early ’00’s, like of Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and NSync saying “if you listened to these albums as a kid, you’re gay now.” That sure explains a lot about me, being that I didn’t listen to that kind of music, still don’t, and I’m not gay. So because I can I made my own version based more on music I listened to more of during that time.

I happen to have 5 of these CD’s, 6 if the copy of The Black Album from Metallica that was burnt for me all those years ago is valid. And even thought my copy of Smash from Offspring is a burn, I still consider it real because I did have the original CD. It just ironically got smashed.

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