Parents Just Don’t Understand

I was on last nights episode of Mixed-ish, and was very noticeable in the back. Unfortunately this was the last show I was on and might be awhile till I’m on something again, completely because of corona virus. A lot of stuff has shut down because of it.

Anyways, originally I was supposed to be a coffee shop patron. I was there a few days before for a fitting to see what 80’s era closing would work best for me, and have ready for when I came back on set. Got there and gave me a completely different outfit because I guess the director or someone else thought I would work better as someone working at the joint.

One thing I particular funny that day was when I got to the stage I was on the other side of the counter and acting like I was working that job, so I asked one of the crew ladies what she would like to drink. She replied “I’ve had 3 expressos already” for the day and I said back, “Alright, one nyquil.” She had a good laugh at that.

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