Politicon ’17 – Photos

SO, I got some of nice photos, Not really a lot, but there was some good stuff there. I also got some video of whackiness going on. Saw some people taken out of a panel, which i’ve heard claims saying they where antifa, others that they where communist, I don’t know for sure, but it was strange.

Then something else strange happened to me. I was walking by this one area, and there were some people together with some trump gear on and I guess some lady walked by and said something to them. One of them starts shouting at her, calls her a traitor and a baby killer. I just said to him “dude claim down.” then starts yelling at me to do so. I stood there confused, then him and his friends start calling me snowflake and long hair. It’s like he was trying to pick a fight with me. Really, Trump had brought out the worst in so many people, both for and against him.

Despite that moment of strange, I had a good weekend. Talked to a lot of people, shared ideas, laughed, it was a good time.

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