Polka Metal At The Super Bowl 

Andy Rehfeld really doesn’t disappoint, at least not that I’ve noticed. Now, did I have the Super Bowl on? Yes. Did I pay attention to the game? not really. Did I mainly watch for the funny ads? very much, but there were a couple of stinkers like the scientology and the He Gets Us one. Did I watch the half time show? Yeah, because I wanted to see how that was going to go.

Something I’m not entirely surprising about the half time show was people going insane about total non-sense. But of course they ones expressing outrage are the very same that claim they are trying to bring everyone together. Together how by the way? in some kind of mass grave pit? Know I’ve seen plenty of them talk about how they want to kill the rest of us off. But anyways, no more doom saying, time for fun video from Andy.

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