RedBull SoapBox Race ’17 Photos

Despite how much time I spent trying to get there, I had a good time. It started off taking the gold line to the chinatown station, then walk to the closest entrance to Dodger Stadium, which was gated off. So, I had to walk another mile to reach a different entrance which was in fact open. Then it was a walk to the buses taking everyone to the start off location for the cars. Checked out each booth, took photos, and then went looking for a proper place to take photos. took till a few cars had gone down the hill but I had found something.

The location I found was a place that had some of red bull’s own filming crew, and ended up a good place to see some crashes. Had three happen in front of me. It was also rather close to the end of the track I felt lucky to see most of the cars, and there wasn’t many people in the place I was at. And after a car drove by, there was some shade near I can sit at till I hear the sound of the next one heading down the hill. Kind of a trumpet that was played over the speakers places along the track. After 61 cars, I had a long, yet entertaining day.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be putting my photos from the eclipse up.

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