RuPaul’s DragCon ’18 – Photos – Part 1

Well, I ended up going to this, by surprise. I have the greatest friends. I was only there sunday, but despite that I still got do plenty. So much I have to split the photo album in two. The rest will be online during the week. And, there is video coming. Just one, it’s short, and awesome. I met Daniel Franzese, who was in the movie Mean Girls, which I still think is one of the best movies ever. He gave me two tickets see see a show of his coming up but not sure I’ll make that. I also met another celerity, but that’s for tomorrow.

I also ran into Robin Slonina, who I met two years ago at DragCon before. She was a judge on the show Skin Wars, and I finally got to watching so I can talk to her about it. At her booth she was also raising money for an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ youth in her area, Las Vegas. And you put your painted hand print on some dude. Awesome.

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