CicLAvia 3.22.15 Photos

I didn’t get a chance to get a lot of photos because I also had to goto downtown for something else during the middle of the event. But it was a nice day over all. It was rather cool out at first, a lot of overcast going on and the sun didn’t come out till sometime in the afternoon. Later in the day it came back some and I didn’t think it was all that hot at all during the day, rather surprising for LA, or at least around this time of year.

Oh yes, prizes I picked up on. I got a bottle of something called, Sparkling Ice, type of flavored water, haven’t tried it yet but I do have it still. Coupons to some place called Wahoo’s, and it involves tacos so that’s a good thing to me. I got sticker from a couple of guys from Westssup, and a thing of chapstick from North Hollywood Toyota. Little odd but I’ll take it.

Also to make things better, when I was looking at CicLAvia’s site I saw that there will be 3 more this year.

But before that, lets see what else comes to happen in between.

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