Russia-Ukraine Crisis 

In case anyone that comes to this site is under a rock, Russia has invaded Ukraine. After the last week I’m getting a lot of reports things are going bad for the Russians, and some of it reminds me of events from our history. Like how Russian forces are moving so fast kind of reminds me of the german blitzkrieg. Many of the Ukrainian people fighting back and holding ground well. I even saw a video of a farmer stealing a Russian tank with their tractor.

There are also reports that solders would be greeted as liberators but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Kind of reminds me of when that was said when we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Other Western nations has been sending aid and weapons to which I believe might be the better options as opposed to sending troops, because that will likely escalate things. I know we’ve sold weapons before.

I’m hoping this ends soon, and this also smells like imperialism for Putin. I’m also hoping some of my fellow americans that haven’t realized this yet that we are also responsible for similar actions, and that we should do better. But anyways, fight on my Ukrainian friends. And I also support the Russian people who are against the war, because they never were the enemy. It’s the people on top that want to prove how strong they are by having others fight in their name.

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