Same Lie, Different Jerks

I still remember before the war in Iraq started saying something along the lines of how I don’t think we should go there, because I believed there was still work to be done in Afghanistan. Unfortunately I later realized no matter what was done in those regions, it would have been a disaster no matter what. Plus it’s well known we’ve put puppets in power, so just do what we can to save those who want to escape since we do owe it to them. I also remember if you said you were anti-war you were called anti-american and a terrorist.

I still remember constant justification for the invasion of Iraq saying they have WMDs, and how Saddam was planning on helping extremists in his beef with the US. Thing is, Saddam and Bin Laden both hated each other, and we pretty much handed over Iraq to the terrorist because of the power vacuum created. What mades things worse, we used to be friends with Saddam and Bin Laden all because we made them fight for our causes and just created our own new problem.

Honestly, I do believe Bush realized he messed up while in office. Now Putin, he is against protests against his war, or just protests over all against him. Friends with the ultra religious and white suprematists in Russia, and poisoned political opponents. Now using the same type of lies we did, but this is hurting him far more. I have reason to believe Ukraine will be Putin’s Iraq. I just hope it doesn’t end up becoming as bad.

And further more, Trump has praised Putin for the invasion and has always stuck up for him. I’m not surprised a guy that’s had protesters and journalists assaulted just for a photo of himself holding a bible, upside down and backwards in front of a church would favor a dictator.

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