Scumbag BHHS

Something I found on reddit. Back in the old days here in LA, long before I was born we had a massive rail system here, and I do mean massive, it went everywhere. Also from what I understand the entertainment industry liked this a lot to. By the early 60’s the rail lines where gone. Then starting sometime in the 90’s the county has been working to bring these rail lines back because here in LA, we have traffic problems. Ride the 405, you’ll get it. So one project is to extend the purple line that started at Union Station and currently ends at by Koreatown going to Santa Monica by the beach. This would be extremely helpful because that ride over on the road is awful.

But there is one problem with this, the city of Beverly Hills wants to be annoying saying that don’t want the line going through the city or a stop there because it will bring poor people. I’ve been around Beverly Hills, it’s not that interesting anyways. So now the high school there is being a pain in the ass because the line will end up going under it, go figure.

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