SCWA Intergender Championship

Match with Necro King vs “8th Deadly Sin“ Danika Blodwyn.

Yesterday a friend asked if I was at all interested in checking out a Pro Wrestling event she was going to have a match in. I really had no plans for anything this weekend, and was never really into wrestling. She ended up convincing me and suggested I bring my camera, which of course I will. This is just the photos from one match. I also have more photos and video from other matches but that’s for later.

It was actually kind of fun, and the crowd made it better with their banter. And I do miss covering some kind of sporting event. Because I’ve football, baseball, softball, basketball, tack and field, and volleyball, before. Sadly many of those photos are gone after my external drive fell but it’s nice to have some of it back. I think I want to do more.

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