Seems the wrong people found me…

I recently learned that scientology found my site and posted it on some message board they run, well I sure hope some of them come on here so I have more people to share more of my strange adventures with. But anywho with no surprise they called me a hate-monger, they do that with everyone. Its funny because I’ve seen so many videos and talked to a few claiming all they do is help people and that they are the only ones that can, Now isn’t that what you call a Superiority Complex?

Now I can understand wanting to help people, fine, but if you’re going to do that do it because its in your nature not because you think you have to to prove something to someone. Thats what members of the Peoples Temple did, and we all know what happened to them right? To me that only means you have a more sinister intent. Now I don’t care about what people believe in, I never really did, but if you are trying to push your beliefs on people that don’t want it or try to bully or intimidate them then you have a problem with me.

I became a critic of scientology because some guy came to my place and threatened me to stop going to protests, yeah, nice. So I decided I was in and as I watched there behavior I have to say I have never seen anything like it, just go on youtube and look up scientology bullbaiting/stalking/harassment, and they care nothing for free speech. Then later learning about a lot of other things, like the FBI raid back in the 70’s, the take over of CAN, and a whole lot of other stuff should tell you something is wrong.

If any scientologist would like to leave comments feel free to do so, I will not post any of your info on here or anywhere for it is not in my nature. but if any of you post threats I will be talking to the FBI again.

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