Sugar Baby

There is a type of scam that’s been going around for awhile, using social media platforms and money transfer sites and apps. I’ve seen these kind of messages before and always thought it was really weird that someone would want to send me money, and for what? But in reality it’s more a trick to get you to send them money.

Sometimes they use what seems to be a strange type of grooming behavior or a form of love bombing, but in a cheap way that also isn’t a longer term version of it. It’s more of a get in quick and bail as soon as possible. I’ve also had people try to convince me to send a photo of my ID, which is also part of another scam related to identity thief. I’ve also seen people push something known as safe date meet sites, which supposedly does background check, and asked for your card and gives you a free trail for up to a week.

I learned about this along time ago, I know some of these tricks so they can’t be played on me. At least, not that easily. But would I play them on anyone else? No, because trolling the scammers is more fun.

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