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Oh, Hey There

Yeah, my cat sure likes the dogs a lot. She was there already, then he jumps up and lays down in front of the dog.

Kitten Curious of Printer 0

Kitten Curious of Printer

I was printing out sheet of card and she came out to watch. And then i decided to record her watch as I printed out the second sheet.

Do not Feed 0

Do not Feed

A group of us hung around the old LA zoo and this happened.


Schmoo – The Sea Lion

As some people know the school I went to had a zoo. In my mind, very cool and I would of liked playing with them to but I had other interests. This is Schmoo and I always thought she was pretty cool, and I’m sure I’ve seen her in action during some shows as a kid. When I took this photo I remember during one part of the show they gave her some eye drops because she was partially blind. Then when I heard she died later on it made me kind of sad, but it was nice to know she lived at least a somewhat happy life and I guess helped train some people herself.


Getting His TXT on…

AAA has been bored and is bugging me about the fact I haven’t taken him out on an adventure in a while. But it doesn’t help me that nothing is going to much and I’m still recovering. So he grabbed a cel and send a mass txt out and so far he’s heard from no one.