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Anime Expo ’15 Photos

So, that was an entertaining ride. I started the day picking up something a friend borrowed for a cosplay she had planned on doing for another con at the begging of the year but didn’t fall through. Oh well. It was hot out, so getting inside felt rather nice. And the lines to pick up badges were given a lot of praise because of how fast they went by.

Pretty much one thing that bothered me the entire time was the fact I didn’t see many of my friends there, and not sure why. But on day one I took off a bit early, but during the time there, i got a nice bunch of photos. So behold.

And brace yourself for the rest that are coming.


Bent-Con ’14 Photos

And my last convention of the year is now over. What was interesting was not just when the event started for the day, 12 noon, but when on late, 2am. It was fun becomes I’ve never been early to a con. Thought it was small, I did seem to notice there was quite the number of things going on, panels, that I went to two of them. There was also a stage set up a cellist, reading, other musical reformists, figure drawings, photoshoots, and striptease acts. Always something to keep everyone entertained. There was also a room that showed movies, and other with karaoke. I wanted to go up and sing Metallica, but, for some strange reason didn’t. They also had an area set up for board games. I was thinking, and hoping there would be consoles set up, but it’s still a small con so that still was rather popular.

I was there for day 2 and 3. on day 2 I did get a lot of stuff, but not so much on the last day because there wasn’t much else to get and I was only there for 3 hours. I had to take off early. Over all I did enjoy myself, and I wold go again next year. Perhaps I can convince other friends of mine to join in. Also, Retired Wonder Woman is awesome.

Now to wait for Santacon and for the year to end. This could take awhile.


Anime Expo ’14 – Photos

EDIT: All Anime Expo combined into one post, with a link to the album on facebook. Here is what each post said on their own pages. I know, it’s not much at all. Day...


So I’ve been at Anime Expo…

I have a lot of photo right now and no time to edit because I’ve had to wake up early to head down and I’m back home late. SO tho will take some time but for now here is a teaser. And besides, what better way to celebrate the 4th of July then going to an Anime Convention?


AX Line up 2014

A bunch of people I know are posting photos of what they plan on going as during Anime Expo, then another guy I know posted an image of himself holding his camera for each of the days he will be there. I decided to one up that using different photos of myself for each day.


Anime Expo ’14

So this is starting up this week. Time for you all to stress out more to finish your cosplays.

Thrift Shop (Macklemore) Parody/Cover 0

Thrift Shop (Macklemore) Parody/Cover

So I’m in another video made by a friend of mine. You can see me as Hipster Jesus, I also held the camera on one part but was strangely difficult because it involved walking up and down stairs.


Nisei Week ’13

How I learned about this event was last year I posted on my facebook page asking if anyone knows of anything going on that weekend and one friend of mine invited me to this. So now here it comes again for this year and I made this strange little thing.