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Long Beach Pride ’15

I was mainly there for the parade, but didn’t plan on being it this one because I didn’t know who was walking it and figured would be there after the step off anyways by about 10 minutes, but ended up be more like 30 or 40 because one segment on track on the blue line was being upgraded. What I did instead was skate up and down the parade route a number of times and just took photos like that.

After the parade was over there were some people having a little parties in their places along the street, much of which was residential. Many people saw me on my blades and thought that was very cool, and when they found me later and mentioned that.

While on my way home I met some people who were at RuPaul’s Dragcon which also happened this weekend. I knew about it before and thought about it, but did’t know what to expect since it was the first one. I was told it was a bit of a mess but still fun. And that there was a lot of good costumes there. So, I think I might consider it for next year, I’m sure it will be all kinds of crazy so let see what happens.

Anywho, LB Pride photos.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’15 – Photos

I am now back home from that party. I really enjoined that. And with further experimentation with my camera I took a lot of photos that I’m actually pretty happy with. I felt something might off been wrong with me because I wasn’t liking how my photos were coming out on my old camera. I don’t know.

It’s a rather small con, I was there as Timmy Turner on the first day, and I’m always kind of surprised how many people like it. Plus I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, but after this I feel kind of revitalized.

Kind of excited to see whats coming up next.


Long Beach Comic Con ’14

After a unexpected delay not he train down, I reached the convention center and started to fire. Once again I got to see some friends of mine there, many of them seeing me with short hair for the first time in person. I, don’t really have a lot to talk about really. mainly I took photos, met with people and talked to everyone. Well, I did see one booth in the exhibit hall that was giving out samples of their soda they were selling, Jarritos. I tend not to drink soda but I kind of liked it. If you find a bottle, try it out, I’m sure you’ll like it to.

Now to sleep, I’m way tired.


Black Tie Beach ’14 Photos

I have to say, this year was better then last. We had more people, the day was rather nice, and I wasn’t still feeling like crap after being sick last year (I was still in recovery from something that hit me hard last year). Sadly I was later then I had originally wanted but luckily everyone knew where to go and were easy to find. Good thing I did a bit of scouting before to figure out the right place to set up. Most of the people there were new and they said that might of been the most fun they’ve had at the beach.

Though something strange that happened during it was we all saw these strange blue creatures in the water and washing up on shore and I had never seen anything like it. Turns out, this is something thats been happening on our shores for a while. I thought they were jellyfish because they looked like they might of been but turns out they are not.

Well, I enjoyed myself, and can only hope next year will be bigger.


On my way to San Diego

Or, well, I’m here now because comic con is currently happening. I took this photo while on the train because if you ask me it’s really the best way to go unless you have a lot of stuff you are bringing or plan on bringing back. I tend to pack light.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’14

I decided to head down to long back for this event. While many others were at the beach looking for angry bird with money inside (which I’m sure would of been fun) I covered this instead and ran into some friends again, others from before that I would say have now officially met, and hung out with some new people.

Though a small con taking place in a relatively small convention center, there was another con happening at the same time at the same place. Some of the venders also walked around and handed out bottles of their product. The only thing I got really was something called Alkame. Seemed like most other water I’ve had but was nice to drink anyways and helped keep my hydrated. Plus I finished that first before I finished off the water bottle I brought before hand.

Oh, and there was this one girl that keeping seeing me walking back and forth and was thinking to herself something along the lines of, “Who does he look like? I can’t remember the name” then it hit her, Jared Leto. Then she came up to me, talked for a while and asked for a photo. Yeah, of course I’ll join you in a photo, I don’t see why not.

Huh, not a lot to talk about really. Oh well, I still enjoyed myself.


Warming up the Fire

Because thats when you do when at the beach, at night, when it also happened to of been hot that day and is for some reason now cold.