Long Beach Comic Con ’14

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Day 1: After a unexpected delay not he train down, I reached the convention center and started to fire. Once again I got to see some friends of mine there, many of them seeing me with short hair for the first time in person. I, don’t really have a lot to talk about really. mainly I took photos, met with people and talked to everyone. Well, I did see one booth in the exhibit hall that was giving out samples of their soda they were selling, Jarritos. I tend not to drink soda but I kind of liked it. If you find a bottle, try it out, I’m sure you’ll like it to.

Day 2: Once again, not a lot going on other then taking photos. Wow I’m boring. Before I went down I headed to a friends place who (along with along with her boyfriend) was suppose to join me but couldn’t because she got sick last night and he stayed behind to take care of her (aww). While I was there I dropped something off and took a photo of something there for a small project, and then played with her cat. Then after a little while I finally made my trek down to Long Beach to get some more photos from the con.

Ran into some of the people I know there, met some new people, and for those that I know some of them, this was their first time seeing me with short hair. And for those that were new to me but also happened to of known some of my friends I ended up showing some of them what I looked like with long hair and they all seemed to of cried a little, but understood after I told them why I cut it. Anywho, thats it for this 2 day con.

Now to sleep, I’m way tired.

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