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Slide in the City LA, Canceled?

There are issues for the event that is supposed to be next weekend where the city has denied permits for it to happen. Thats really sad because I thought the entire thing was a go. Now many people have complained about the event because of the massive drought we have been in the middle of but there are still supporters out there who want this to happen. It is also possible the event is being postponed to a later date. That could be fine, even in later months there could also be rather warm day. There have been times in november it’s reached up to the mid-80’s.

Lets wait and see what happens.


LA Santa Con ’12

So the day started like any other and… no not really. I was on my way to the first stop in Culver City Taking the Expo Line over in order to meet with the santas at two very near by locations just down the street and have breakfast. One Location was the The Culver Hotel and the other was the Rush Street Cafe. I found a near by Chipotle and ate there, and some other santas did the same thing. So after about maybe an hour and a half we gathered up and jumped on the Expo Line to head to our next location. Expo Park. The main place of Interest was the Science Center where the santas would get to see the Space Shuttle that I saw going up Crenshaw 2 months before. While many were looking at the shuttle others where either in the front taking part of the group shoot or in back playing around the Fountain in the Rose Garden.

After we were done with Expo Park we started heading off to our next place of interest in Downtown at the Westin Bonaventure were we partied it out more on the outdoor patio area and had a Punk Band play Christmas songs for us. Mosh Pit in all. After the Bonaventure we headed towards Hollywood and took the Red Line to Hollywood and Vine and walked over to 3 different spots, Velvet Margarita, District 13, and where I was around most during that time, St. Felix and we hung around other places in between. After that it was my time to head home. Hopped on the subway and made my way.

and as they say, nothing better then hanging with Santa all day

CityWalk Flash Mob April ’11 0

CityWalk Flash Mob April ’11

I’m doing a lot of video lately, and i have more to upload. this week is going to be fun editing them and posting online, but not a lot of work needs to be done really. I also have some photos that need to be posted up. I’ve been out a lot lately.

CityLimits goes to the Dogs 0

CityLimits goes to the Dogs

a video i made with some buddies that meant to be one thing and become something else altogether. I wanted to put in the first part because it is still highly entertaining and i think more people should be fun like this.

Its a sign 2

Its a sign

for people not really in LA i’m not sure you’ll care for this but to me this is awesome, i don’t drive so i take the bus everywhere i go and LA is a...