Its a sign

for people not really in LA i’m not sure you’ll care for this but to me this is awesome, i don’t drive so i take the bus everywhere i go and LA is a big place. we do have subways but only two lines really. we also have 3 light rail lines, with one more being worked on and 3 transit ways which is really a bus running on its own road. the orange line here is one of them, and goes for 14 miles across the San Fernando Valley. i think this would help some people out a lot and be one less bus i have to take going to and from chatsworth.

only problem, it opens in 2012

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    And it would save you some money right?

  2. shark says:

    depending on what i’m doing that day, more just time, it would be one less bus to take

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