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Long Beach Comic Expo ’15 – Day 2 Photos

Second, and last day. It started off kind of slow, I’m guessing some people where still asleep from other partying they where doing last night. I was talking to a couple of different cosplayers and asked if they slept well themselves and said they didn’t. I told they if they want to can sneak themselves a nap real quick if they will help. I think I got 5 hours the night before myself but still felt rather charged myself for the day. I had fun, Got some more photos and had a nice laugh getting some of them.

It was also cold while outside, but luckily I was going as Neo from the Matrix that day so I had my coat on me helping to keep me warm. Though the costume would of been better if I had some proper sunglasses on me. I also wanted to borrow some guns from another friend of mine planning to join that day but she wasn’t available to. I’m not going to worry, I can pull it off some other time. And last there where some people outside handing out bottles of this brand of soda, Jarritos, which I believe I have tried out before, it’s a mexican soda, and it was really good. Wow. That kind of thing should happen more often. Luckily I got a second bottle.

Kind of miss it already.


Long Beach Comic Expo ’15 – Day 1 Photos

I am now back home from that party. I really enjoined that. And with further experimentation with my camera I took a lot of photos that I’m actually pretty happy with. I felt something might off been wrong with me because I wasn’t liking how my photos were coming out on my old camera. I don’t know.

It’s a rather small con, I was there as Timmy Turner on the first day, and I’m always kind of surprised how many people like it. Plus I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, but after this I feel kind of revitalized.

Kind of excited to see whats coming up next.


When dealing with creepers.

It’s a problem I occasional hear about in the cosplay community. When people goto cons, that want to enjoy themselves, get some attention and to try promoting themselves. But then you have those guys that come in and have an intent thats rather more messed up. I’ve seen a video once where a guy had a go-pro camera on his chest and would record himself hugging some of the female cosplayers. After that video came out a lot of people were talking about beating the person up and at entire time I kept talking about how there is a better way to solve the problem and have a nice laugh at it. I just wish more people would listen to me.


Bent-Con ’14 Photos

And my last convention of the year is now over. What was interesting was not just when the event started for the day, 12 noon, but when on late, 2am. It was fun becomes I’ve never been early to a con. Thought it was small, I did seem to notice there was quite the number of things going on, panels, that I went to two of them. There was also a stage set up a cellist, reading, other musical reformists, figure drawings, photoshoots, and striptease acts. Always something to keep everyone entertained. There was also a room that showed movies, and other with karaoke. I wanted to go up and sing Metallica, but, for some strange reason didn’t. They also had an area set up for board games. I was thinking, and hoping there would be consoles set up, but it’s still a small con so that still was rather popular.

I was there for day 2 and 3. on day 2 I did get a lot of stuff, but not so much on the last day because there wasn’t much else to get and I was only there for 3 hours. I had to take off early. Over all I did enjoy myself, and I wold go again next year. Perhaps I can convince other friends of mine to join in. Also, Retired Wonder Woman is awesome.

Now to wait for Santacon and for the year to end. This could take awhile.


Comikaze ’14 – Day 3 Photos

Day 3 at the con, got there way later then I wanted to, and since it was the last day, closed earlier. At least I got a better chance to meet with some people that I wanted to, since saturdays tend to be the most hectic. Really not much else to say in it all, but I enjoyed myself for the, rather short amount of time I was there.

And now to get ready for the next party coming up this weekend, Bent-con. Then nothing else that I know of up until Santacon next month for LA. But if you are not in LA, check to see if it’s being planned in your area.

Can’t wait for this madness to happen.


Long Beach Comic Con ’14 – Day 2 Photos

Once again, not a lot going on other then taking photos. Wow I’m boring. Before I went down I headed to a friends place who (along with along with her boyfriend) was suppose to join me but couldn’t because she got sick last night and he stayed behind to take care of her (aww). While I was there I dropped something off and took a photo of something there for a small project, and then played with her cat. Then after a little while I finally made my trek down to Long Beach to get some more photos from the con.

Ran into some of the people I know there, met some new people, and for those that I know some of them, this was their first time seeing me with short hair. And for those that were new to me but also happened to of known some of my friends I ended up showing some of them what I looked like with long hair and they all seemed to of cried a little, but understood after I told them why I cut it. Anywho, thats it for this 2 day con.

Now to wait and see whats next.