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Computer Error 0

Computer Error

I’ve been spending last night trying to fix everything. Found something but it’s taking awhile so here is a video for now.

Alan Turing 0

Alan Turing

Meant to make this on his 100th birthday and post it then but I was finding myself busy with some things and getting ready for others… and sleeping. Well it’s done, a few weeks later, and, thats kind of it. Now I just wonder if there is anything else coming up interesting, because I all can think of that I know of is Slutwalk in early august. And I need to actually make something to. Also click image for larger version.


21.5 Inches of your Demise

iMac 2.8GHz i7 Quad core. Top of the line for this model iMac. Finally got enough money for it doing the strange crap I do. Was going for the Pro Tower before but still didn’t have enough so I went with the next best thing which might be better. In fact this machine is likely better than the low end tower which does costs a lot more.


It’s a party up in here

lets see, bubbles, saw coming, Jesus Juice saw coming, also expected “cremated ashes” or hoped but don’t see. but this weeks winner is Graydon with

Win or lose, the Lakers fans now have something to throw after tonight’s game!

because here in LA, we have the best riots, now this week… you tell me

All is good again 0

All is good again

so my hard drive has been fixed, I can’t use it to start up anymore but I can still put stuff on it. All that I have left to do is load After Effects...

Bad News Everyone 0

Bad News Everyone

Something I might have poted before is i have a very old computer, in fact i’ve had it since 2000. it started out with a 30GB drive inside and later added a 120GB, yes...

Me on Me – HP contest 1

Me on Me – HP contest

this took 2 days to make with constant interruptions the whole time and missing half of one of the days everything was make by me except the background music i would have had done better masking effects but i didnt have time so i had to rush somethings
over all i hope everyone likes and hope i win because its hard when the computer you do all your work on you got back in 2000

also i think its funny that if i win, that this video was make on a mac

Me on Me – HP contest


The Hell Dude

sirevil classic: I mean like, really old photoshop of mine. not a whole lot I did, I just wanted to find the largest pic of this guy I could at the time and this was it. at the time Dell was having these ads with this guy in it say “dude your getting a dell” and it annoyed most of the planet… so I heard.

so me being me I remade like this, and had to custom make the H which wasn’t hard really. and then added the flame effect to the letters.

something that was funny later on is the guy got caught with weed