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Jeremy Weinglass – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover) 0

Jeremy Weinglass – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)

So I was at a mall here in LA and something I do when I see a person with an instrument is say to them “Play some Metallica!” because they are a band that’s well known by most people but also it’s really surprising how many people don’t know any of their songs. And then to add some weirdness I also request Slayer and Vader. So as he was setting himself up he tells me he could do a Metallica song and even has it recorded on one of his albums, and he even played it here during his set. Also another time while I was walking by he also played a little Lady Gaga song we all should know, because I don’t think it was a bad song at all in the first place if you ask me.

Now I stared recording a few seconds later then I wanted to because I had it on the wrong mode on my iPad before I started and took a photo of the ground on accident. But yes, check out his stuff.

Thrift Shop (Macklemore) Parody/Cover 0

Thrift Shop (Macklemore) Parody/Cover

So I’m in another video made by a friend of mine. You can see me as Hipster Jesus, I also held the camera on one part but was strangely difficult because it involved walking up and down stairs.


Gnarly Wrap Job

While on reddit before Christmas I saw a couple of albums posted of some really crazy wrap jobs people did to their siblings just to be annoying, and told my sister about it because I thought it was funny. So then she decided to do that to me. This year I didn’t really ask for much, in fact I think all I asked for was for some new batteries for my SLR being I only have one left thats any good. But what I got was a pair of warm socks that would be useful for something later, this cover below and I’m currently waiting for the iPad that goes with the cover but it was ordered a little to late to be at my place for Christmas.

so, can’t wait.


I got a friend in Jesus

A lot of good captions this week, I have nice little cracks at them all. but the one I found myself liking most was from Rose with

Let’s hope that’s the last Jehovah Witness that comes to this door…

which gave me the idea to post this that I took a while back… now, other then the fact this is a Jehovah Witness publication, what is wrong with this?