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Chinese Lion Dance 0

Chinese Lion Dance

I have to say, the new camera takes some nice video. But I have to say once again, more experimentation needs to be done.


Interesting Misunderstanding

While at ALA saturday I ran into D-Piddy, took a photo of him in costume and discovered something I knew about him the whole time which he is still trying to keep secret and I get but not sure how long it will hold. After we both took off I remembered something I wanted to mention to him about a photoshopped that was made using one of my photos and wanted to let him know it would of been nice if I got credit for it. Turns out someone else grabbed, edited and posted it on his page. And since he had no idea where the original came form he had no idea who to credit it to.

So I sent him a link to the original and everything is all good now. And now watch his new video.

DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest 0

DevilDriver – The Axe Shall Fall – Twerk Fest

As we all know about this dance tend that is giving rise, Twerking, I decided to make another one of my horrible, horrible videos of women doing just that and put a DevilDriver song over it. I was going to use “New Dawn” from In Flames but I couldn’t do that to sucha wonderful and beautiful song, and wanted something more intense and violent. Also has a nice little groove to it.


MJ Tribute Flash Mob ’12

Alright, so I was at the gettipede today but because of the MASSIVE amount of photos I have to post that tomorrow. But for now here are some other photos I got today at city walk of a flash mob around the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. A friend of mine that was dancing at that asked if it was possible I can stop by and get some shots at that. At first I thought there might of been a time conflict but turned out there wasn’t so I figured I should have time to do both. And I did. Sadly by the time I got there it was already going but at least I got something.

Needs more metal

Flash Mod Video… 0

Flash Mod Video…

Sadly I will not have a video to load up, for some reason my tape messed up almost right way so nothing is really viewable. I need a new video camera. So for now here is another video loaded up by someone else which is more like what I would of done but a straight shot with some other people being in the way still.