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a friend of mine asked me to help him in making a logo for him. here is the start of it.

Problem solved 0

Problem solved

I would post in photos but I’m mainly about the drawings. Also I’ve never seen any of the Saw movies because I just don’t care for movies like that anyways. But someone did something like what is seen in the top frame as a joke and all I could think of is use the paper, and problem solved.

Kanye West – Best Drawing of all Time, of all Time! 0

Kanye West – Best Drawing of all Time, of all Time!

Yeah, made this after that odd event when ever that was for a shirt. was going to put on cafepress but the site said something on it about celebrity likenesses are sometimes questionable for products they can sell on there so it’s not recommended. So I just left it alone and now just remembering about it. Thats cool because I didn’t really have anything to post up. Old drawing for the save.

Oh God, we’re breeding? 0

Oh God, we’re breeding?

So a friend of mine found this webcomic and noticed the word “Steel Shark” being used in it and thought of me. So I read the comic and found this interesting. The person that created it gave herself the pen-name as she calls it (others would call it user/code/screen name, handle, and I’m sure many more things), AceroTiburon, would translates to Steel Shark in spanish. I’m sure I’ve been using the name longer anyways. Back when I made the first logo was late 2001 or early ’02 and the current version I use now I drew out in 2007. Also whats makes things more sad to me is she seems more likable. Also I drew a version of myself, camera, fire ball in hand, hair growing out like mad again, and all in her comic style, because I can. Or are least as close as I can, try a little taller and skinnier looking. Any who, check her site out.

Cow Skull 0

Cow Skull

An old photo of a drawing of mine from a class I had awhile back. I don’t think I did to bad but I really need to stop being lazy about drawing thing and make some more stuff so I can get better. I know I can do it, I’m just not sure why I don’t. Maybe it’s because I don’t like wasting paper. Also I wonder if I still have this drawing around here?

And my AXE 0

And my AXE

Not really mine, but from photos a friend took of me looking bad ass on a guitar. This is just for some little thing I’m making right now. All I need now is the right photo of a guy in a suit.

The Crow 0

The Crow

i need to draw more, i can, not really the best at it but doesn’t hurt trying still. but yes, trying to figure out what birds would look like if they could fly and have working hands. And i need to post more crap more often, i’m quite lazy.

Now you’re in Hell! 0

Now you’re in Hell!

as I’m sure everyone has heard the great news about bin laden last night. But really, this was a man that while all is devoted followers are out fighting and dying for him, he is living it up in a mansion and i’m sure living the good life. and to make it better, from what i understand before he was killed the crowd used a women that happened to be there as a human shield. So many willing followers ready to fight and die for a cause he gave them but fears death himself. FUCK YOU BIN LADEN! I hope there really is a hell, because i know you would be there.

and if any of you saw the first drawing i did before of this here… I now have an update. do i want to do anymore to it? maybe, we’ll see

What does it Mean? 1

What does it Mean?

alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

Towelie’s new AA sponsor Domokun here to remind you vodka is clear.

indeed it is, to bad it’s still nasty. at least to me it is. now, this week, every time i’m on the subway i see this and think it’s funny because the guy is calling on his cel in the subway and you can’t get a signal around LA while underground. but thats not the point, that drawing means something, WHAT?

Abstraction 0


something a friend of mine made, I thought it was awesome so I’m posting it on here. he doesn’t have site a or place he can post his work like deviantart or such but when I he does I’ll post a link. but for now, here is his work.

also the story behind the image

An idea I had a couple of months ago. The concept was that people from all over the world started waking up having the abilities they may have fantasized about as a child or currently fantasize about. For a long time I wondered what the mechanism would be for an event like this…
That was until the film “Inception” where people would often forget they were dreaming and participating in a simulation. Same mechanism applies here, a group of people agree to participate in a simulation of fantasy… and forget they are dreaming.