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Passover Card ’12 0

Passover Card ’12

Using a screen shot front the movie Prince of Egypt. I remember watching it in one of my weird art classes in high school. Good movie, to bad the music wasn’t that great (at least I didn’t think so). Yeah, nothing much really, just text overlaid trying to be funny. And now for a fun little fact, how I first learned about passover was watching a Passover special of the show Rugrats back when I was a kid.

Sphinx 3


An all new design to what we all know the Sphinx to look like. I imagine it to be a creature that lives in the desert and a predator, and with a human head and a cat like body it won’t exactly be that good of a hunter or any good at ripping off meat from its pray with a design like that.

What I did to improve on it is gave it a cat like head but with a slightly longer snout, and just for fun horns, the body is meant to look more long and lean with the head to better fit the design. Right now having trouble figuring out what the ears will look like so did without.

Ammit – Eater of Souls 0

Ammit – Eater of Souls

In Egyptian mythology there was a creature known as Ammit, it was a mix of three creatures the egyptians feared most; the crocodile, lion, and hippo. what it did was it ate the hearts of the wicked.

So now the challenge on trying to draw it out, so something with the front part of the body belonging to a big cat and back of a hippo is NOT going to be able to run. so how do I solve that problem? full hippo body, still has crocodile head but I want to add a cat like feature that will be fitting. loin mane won’t work because to me it might seem a little confusing. no leopard spots because I didn’t like how it looked, plus I’m to lazy to draw out a bunch of spots all over it. So then I figured would tiger stripes work? and to me it seems to, at least to me it does