An all new design to what we all know the Sphinx to look like. I imagine it to be a creature that lives in the desert and a predator, and with a human head and a cat like body it won’t exactly be that good of a hunter or any good at ripping off meat from its pray with a design like that.

What I did to improve on it is gave it a cat like head but with a slightly longer snout, and just for fun horns, the body is meant to look more long and lean with the head to better fit the design. Right now having trouble figuring out what the ears will look like so did without.

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3 Responses

  1. McNigger says:

    Wow, bro….your anatomy is fucking horrible.

  2. shark says:

    yeah, I’m mainly not happy with the body

  3. McNigger says:

    I’m mainly not happy with any of it…take some fucking live drawing classes ffs.

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