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To the Sky 0

To the Sky

yeah, made this more sometime around the end of last year for something i wanted to use this idea for but never came to happen really. my god i’m lazy. help, get me to do more stuff people

The Crow 0

The Crow

i need to draw more, i can, not really the best at it but doesn’t hurt trying still. but yes, trying to figure out what birds would look like if they could fly and have working hands. And i need to post more crap more often, i’m quite lazy.

Sonic Boom 0

Sonic Boom


was at my place when i heard about the shuttle landing around here in california, so i set my video camera up in hopes i can record it flying across the area my camera is pointed at. when I heard the boom it sounded it came from someone where else so no you don’t get to see it, but you do hear it, kind of.

Sonic Boom