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Ares, God of War

you know I remember making this awhile back but it seems I didn’t post on the page. Oh well, here you go.

Cyclops 0


Yeah, trying to get myself back in the rhythm. This should be fun. Anywho, I’ve been working on a group of photos for some people which turns out they wanted me to do a little more with them then I expected. oh well, I like a challenge. But I’m tired and should sleep soon.

Jotun 0


A large and terrifying beast, inspired by Warcraft’s Pit Lord and named after a race of norse giants. meant to be a mix of the greek mythological creatures the minotaur, and centaur but with body portion to belong more to a hippo or an elephant.

Hecatonchires 0


So in Greek Mythology was a creature called the Hecatonchires or the Hundred-Handed Ones. On the History Channel there is a show called “Clash of the Gods” and as I posted before mythology fascinates me. In a few episodes they mention the Hundred Handers playing a few roles and I just felt like making my own version.

So to get things started there is no way I can draw something out with a hundred hands because I don’t have the patients, so I cut the number down a lot. So I gave it 6, one for each arm, and just to entertain myself I gave it scorpion like stingers on the back, a lot like that of Andariel of Diablo 2

Queen of the Harpies! Queen of the Harpies!! 0

Queen of the Harpies! Queen of the Harpies!!

so, like, yeah. much like the nerubians in warcraft, I saw the harpies in the game and wanted to do something with that. but this drawing I worked on before, the idea was to mix angel and tropical birds. the reason for that is there is a species of bird called the Harpy Eagle which lives in rain forest in south and central america. most tropical birds are colorful so I felt it was fitting