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West Hollywood Halloween ’14 Photos

Finally, after that long wait they are online. I was also at Stan Lee’s Comikaze today which would explain why it took so long. I went down going as Green Lantern this year, something I’ve been wanting to do since 2010, before the movie came out with Ryan Renolds, figuring it knowing the movie is coming out the next year and with everyone knowing who that is and likely not thinking of it would work out. But was Jesus instead that year. Then Hesher, then Loki, then last year Timmy Turner which I’ve been wanting to do for even longer.

Before heading down I knew all to well that it was going to rain, but expected it to be light and not only for a short time, and I was right, for a while tip it started falling hard at around 11 and did so for a good while. We decided to take off a bit early because of it, mainly because of how much harder it would be to take photos. But over all it was a good night.

I just hope it doesn’t rain next year.


WeHo Halloween ’13 Photos

So despite some of the delays that happened I had fun last night, I believe I got a lot more photos this year then others before, and with luck I did run into a...

Pumpkin ’12 0

Pumpkin ’12

I meant to post this just after halloween but totally forgot about it, so posting now. And yes I put the Flying Spaghetti Monster because I wanted to be funny. Not sure if it was to much to everyone else.


WeHo Halloween ’12

So I had a good night, had a lot of fun, and I had a bunch of people stop me and ask for a photo as I was going as Loki in the suit...

Chipotle 0


Something that come to my attention recently that I am TOTALLY in favor of because I love Chipotle. I remember back in 2009, also on halloween, they did another promotion where if you came in wearing foil in some way you got a free burrito. It was kind of a long wait but worth it. This time if you come in some kind of costume, you get one for $2. still worth it.


WeHo Halloween ’11

What a night, and I would say better then last year to. This year I went as Hesher from the movie Hesher with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman. It was a rather entertaining movie with the most hilarious vandalism I’ve ever seen happen in it. I almost died when I saw what was put on that one kids car but I’m getting away from the subject. Went down with some friends of mine and met up with a few other people I know and hung for a while and got some nice shots while there.

Now originally this year I was planning of going as Green Lantern and was going to cut my hair (which this is currently batch 3) sometime last month to fit with the costume but I decided to keep it long for what I went as instead. And besides I can always do that again later. I had 2 people know what I was pulling off, one girl think I was some dude from Red Hot Chilly Peppers (eww), another thought I was a hippie, and had one guy that got a photo of me and tell me I have excellent hair. I almost saw a fight happen between a drag queen and an asian dude going as a martini glass, the queen yelled at him to go back to china, to bad the guy was japanese and told him not to worry about it. Last as I was leaving the event I had a cop stop me and ask what was in the bottle. It was a Fiji bottle I relabeled and filled with apple juice. Before I wanted to get a plastic bottle of Jack but I couldn’t find any place around me that had them because I did not want to carry glass around and AJ looks close enough anyways.

That and I’m cheap.

And one more thing, anyone out there that got a photo of me during the event can you email me where you have it posted or send it to me at thesteelshark[at]gmail[dot]com? that would be great.