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Dark Tranquillity – Indifferent Suns 0

Dark Tranquillity – Indifferent Suns

remember that arch enemy video i did before with all the rap girls dancing to it? i saw this video and said to myself “hot damn who is that? I should make a metal video out of this. it will be so funny.” and so i did. because i like my metal how i like my honeys, dark.

the hard part was getting just the right clips in the right spots to almost look like she is lip syncing to the song. can’t do that perfectly but oh well. and for some reason some parts of the video also look out of sync. oh well, still funny. enjoy

Gary The Impaler – The Alphabet Song 0

Gary The Impaler – The Alphabet Song

a video i had just come across last week, not only was it well played but i found funny. so i’m going to share this with everyone. I need to make myself a black metal like video someday. and i have an idea in mind to, just need a few people to help me out on it.

also be sure to also check out another video from the same guy Lord Puddingstone brilliant.

Cynic – Evolutionary Sleeper 0

Cynic – Evolutionary Sleeper

A band i discovered many years ago looking for some interesting new bands to check out, a heavy metal with elements of jazz fusion. Back in ’93 they released their first and only album, “Focus,” a well put out piece of work. The next year broke up and everyone went their separate ways. Sometime in ’06 the band got together to play some shows and this song they played in ’07 just to try it out for the crowd. Then in ’08 they recorded their first new album in 15 years. About 2 years ago i had a chance to see them live but i missed out because my timing was bad at the moment. oh well, sometime again soon i hope.

Dark Tranquillity “Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)” 0

Dark Tranquillity “Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)”

sometime earlier this year or late last year i come to discover this band, Dark Tranquillity, Melodic Death Metal from Sweden, much like some other bands I listen to for example In Flames and Soilwork. Also I’ve said for a long time most video for a long time have sucked or haven’t been that great at all. When I came across this I was impressed, I mean, what a concept to use lego pieces and make them figures for a band playing?

Arch Enemy – Eureka 0

Arch Enemy – Eureka

A video I posted on youtube awhile back, something I always wanted to do was edit a rap video and put a metal song over it just to see how it came out. So later on I got the idea just to take clips from a number of videos with just the women dancing, edit it together and put some new song over it. The song I picked was “Eureka” from the Melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy off the album Black Earth. In the end it came out so wrong and so funny, now and then people still post comments saying how much they hate me for making this. Good times, anywho, enjoy.

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