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Long Beach Pride ’15

I was mainly there for the parade, but didn’t plan on being it this one because I didn’t know who was walking it and figured would be there after the step off anyways by about 10 minutes, but ended up be more like 30 or 40 because one segment on track on the blue line was being upgraded. What I did instead was skate up and down the parade route a number of times and just took photos like that.

After the parade was over there were some people having a little parties in their places along the street, much of which was residential. Many people saw me on my blades and thought that was very cool, and when they found me later and mentioned that.

While on my way home I met some people who were at RuPaul’s Dragcon which also happened this weekend. I knew about it before and thought about it, but did’t know what to expect since it was the first one. I was told it was a bit of a mess but still fun. And that there was a lot of good costumes there. So, I think I might consider it for next year, I’m sure it will be all kinds of crazy so let see what happens.

Anywho, LB Pride photos.


Misanthropy Pride

Sometimes, friends of yours give you interesting ideas. Now and then there is always a news story about some people doing something that sucks entirely and a person can’t help but to lose faith in our own species because of it. Then it gets to a point you just find yourself hating mankind altogether. But sometimes you want to have some fun with it.


That one time at Pride ’14

I was skating around, taking photos, and was photographed myself. So far only one person has sent me a photo from that of all those I asked to before that kept taking others of me, or posed with me. I just want to feature it.


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

I’ve known of this group for years, and when I first saw them I did not know what I was looking at, but found to be amazing. I saw these three at the San Gabriel Valley Pride event in Pasadena, and they set up a bingo game. I didn’t play but I probably should have. I was kind of bored much of the time and spent much of it talking to people are tables and petting dogs. Hardly got anything photo wise but I’ll post the rest over time.


Betty DeGeneres

Here is my photo with her taken by a friend of mine, with his camera. And while I have time I want to mention a couple of weird things that happened to me that day. There was this one dude that came up to me believing I was someone he knew, and sadly I was clueless so I asked him to help me figure it out. I let him know I was straight and said back “yeah, you don’t seem to give out a gay vibe at all.” Talked shortly then he took off, but not before first giving me a hug then trying to make out with me. Wow, I’ll sure remember him now.

Another guy that I ran into while hang with some other friends of mine that had joined, decided to lock arms with me and started walking off. I started laughing.

Oh man, can’t wait for ned year.


LA Pride ’14 Photos

As I do every year during the parade, I find myself a way in. This year I was with PFLAG and we were asking to wear red. I put on my shawarma shirt. I got there about 20 minutes later then I wanted to but even then I was still early. I put on my blades and rode from the end of the route to where everyone was gathering, found my group, introduced myself and hung for a bit. I also saw there was some time left before everything started so I went over to see the other floats, talked to some other people and took more photos.

After, 20 minutes we got on Santa Monica Blvd and started walking along the street and soon after our group was announced I hear the name Betty DeGeneres. I rolled up to her and asked “Ellen’s mother?” I gave her a hug and said that I love her daughter. I later got a photo with her which was taken by a friend using his camera so I’ll post that later. While the parade was going on I’ve heard a name shouted out to me a few times and each one I know was to me, Jared Leto. A nice hand full of people called me over, wanted to give me hugs, get photos with me, and play with my hair some. Some other people called me Jesus… [sigh], lame.

After the parade came to an end I, as every year went up and down the blvd to find other people and things to take photos of. After a while I ran into a guy I know and then some others and just ended up hanging out together. At one point I took a photo of one person, talked for a bit and she asked how we’ve like the festival also going. I told her we don’t have tickets because we didn’t want to have to spend $20 per person and then asked, “how many of you ate there here?” and just handed us some free passes. Much love to her.

We went inside and by then it was already getting kind of dark. Wandered around, hung out and had more people stop me saying they love my hair. I’m kind of glad I kept it long for this because I had thought about cutting my hair before the event but I was advised to do so afterwards.

Also, to many hot lesbians


LA Pride ’14

I’m always excited for this event every year because of how big it is and how much fun I have wandering around and talking to everyone who are so out right bizarre and hilarious. Last year when I was with the NOH8 Campaign in the parade and hung out with Christina Milian for a good part of the afternoon. I can only imagine what kind of insanity and cool new people I’ll met with this year.


Love is Love Showing

Love Is Love: 5 Year Road To Marriage (Exhibit Grand Opening & One City One Pride Kickoff). Being held by a friend of mine showcasing photos which in his words, “Moving images of people who took to the streets for marriage equality and the moments they experienced. 22 large prints from Love Is Love’s vast documentation of LGBT activism in the greater Los Angeles area.”

I didn’t get that many at all, partly because I got there very late and spend much of the time there eating the food but at least I got something. Also something really fun that happened that night. I was talking to this one guy telling him that when ever I get myself in a parade I put only blades and ride around taking photos, and much of that time I’m skating backwards. So the guy says something to me along the lines of, “Wait, that was you? I remember seeing that during the pride parade late year, and found that to be amazing. How can you do that?” To be honest I have no idea, just skate backwards and hold a camera up.

oh well, here they are.


Straight Pride?

There is an image someone made a while back that occasionally makes it’s rounds on Facebook and the rest of the internet and I found myself to be rather bothered by it. So I created my own response to it.