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LA Org Grand Re-Re-Reopening ’14 Raid photos

Alright, here they are. I got there a little later then I wanted to, some of the same handlers, some new people. When ever I start asking people about the Xenu story I would have scientologists try disrupting me even more. Really, why is it such a bad thing when I ask people of they’ve heard about it? One lady, I just said to her “may I ask you something,” and says to me right away “Only if you want to get punched in the face.” Really? REALLY? They claim we are violent? they claim we are making threats? really? Some people are so dishonest. As I was taking off with two other people and putting stuff in her car we found ourself being followed. The guy was also trying to get photos of the license plates of the car we were jumping in. I started recording the guy and was asking him why he was doing that, and like an idiot, nothing. And I got him to repeat some of the same old CCHR propaganda lines.

Creepy cult is Creepy.


Scientology Protest – New Years Eve Raid ’13

Found out about a party they are throwing, and like an idiot I went down with a dead battery in my camera so I had to take photos with the iPad. Yeah, they came out ok for the most part but they aren’t going to be as good as what you would get from the SLR. Also I pissed this one scientologist off by asking if he knew about the Xenu story and right away said to me “How about you shut up and fuck off!” So I asked him who pissed in his cheerios and that he should learn to calm down because all I asked was if he knew about the story. I also told him it’s not a good idea to threaten or tell me what to do because I would just laugh at him. Poor bastard, cry more. Also I kept asking some other people if they knew about the story and another scientologist kept interrupting me and I kept asking why does he need to do that?

Scientology, so strange and so many secrets.


Protest Guy

Part of some odd project of mine. yeah, needs to be redrawn on computer for sure. But the word bubbles seen do seem to be a bit of a pattern, those that seem the most anti-gay just happen to end up being found with another dude.