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May Day Rally ’14

So this happened. The strange part was the fact that there seemed to of been 3 different rallies that day, and the one I as at might of been the smaller rally. Definitely not as big as last year which was nice then, and I don’t think last year was as hot either. I also didn’t get as many photos this year due to how much smaller of a crowd was there.

Well, at least it was nice to get out and do something else.


LA Org Grand Re-Re-Reopening ’14 Raid photos

Alright, here they are. I got there a little later then I wanted to, some of the same handlers, some new people. When ever I start asking people about the Xenu story I would have scientologists try disrupting me even more. Really, why is it such a bad thing when I ask people of they’ve heard about it? One lady, I just said to her “may I ask you something,” and says to me right away “Only if you want to get punched in the face.” Really? REALLY? They claim we are violent? they claim we are making threats? really? Some people are so dishonest. As I was taking off with two other people and putting stuff in her car we found ourself being followed. The guy was also trying to get photos of the license plates of the car we were jumping in. I started recording the guy and was asking him why he was doing that, and like an idiot, nothing. And I got him to repeat some of the same old CCHR propaganda lines.

Creepy cult is Creepy.


Post Prop 8 Outrage

Photos that I thought I posted on here but turns out I didn’t. This was after the election in ’08 when Prop 8 here in california passed, and that upset a lot of people. Two days after the election there was a massive rally going on in the west LA area going around Westwood, Beverly Hills, and ending up in West Hollywood. A friend of mine wanted to go but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to call sick in work or join up. I let her know if decided to go let me know and I’ll join. She called soon after, met up and rode over. Found a place to park and soon after we found the group coming up to us and walked with them. It was a nice long walk, not entirely sure where we went but I know we did go to this big ass mormon temple I believe was in Westwood because we know the Mormon Church involoved themselves in the push for prop 8 which would explain many of the signs seen.

I just hope this entire mess ends soon.


May Day ’13

So I was in downtown after hearing about some kind of party with a mass of mexicans. Well someone was right because thats what I found. Ok, there was more then just mexicans, but I say that because the May Day Rallies are often about demands for immigration reform. And since many people seem to think of hispanics or latinos as immigrants, while the fact there are also immigrants from all over the world that all look very different from each other. Hell, this country is made up of immigrants.

after all, this land was made for you and me.


Occupy LA 9.30.12

So I was in downtown today and came to discover near city hall what was called the, Really Really Free Market in which some people came by to drop some stuff off like food or clothing they didn’t want anymore for anyone else that came by that might want it there. I just took some water and little snack things. People also made shirts and shared stories and ideas with each other, nice little shindig going on.

I’m glad I went by.

Decisions, Decisions 0

Decisions, Decisions

Alright, so during Slutwalk I was given this sticker for this rally coming up this sunday in hollywood and I figure “why not, should be fun.” Then I also remembered about this in Venice [link NSFW] the same day and around the same time so I’m question which should I goto? Hollywood seems more legit but in Venice I can bring my rollerblades. The down side is Hollywood might be warmer and in Venice the humor factor might die off a little quickly. So far I’m looking more at Hollywood.

SlutWalk – New Location 0

SlutWalk – New Location

For some strange reason there was a problem with Pershing Square, not sure what but now it’s being moved. Here is the updated info.


Hollywood Christmas Parade ’11

Yes, I am now posting this. So on sunday I had two plans on places to go, one was to goto downtown LA to hang with the Occupiers and see NOFX play a free show. I know I would of got some good shots there. next was go down to hollywood and crash the parade as I have before and annoy the scientologists, and piss of Moxon again because I do that. Sadly my timing got completely messed up because of one unforeseen event and I had to take a longer route to head over to downtown but by the time I would of made it would of been to late and would of needed to be in hollywood by then anyways.

So I got to the parade, found winter wonderland, took a few photos and was wondering where the rest of my group that was supposed to join me was but tried out they where over at another location getting messed with wrongfully.

lame night